auditory pareidolia

by entropic advance


This album is available exclusively from Component Recordings as a 'name your price' release. Please download at this link,

1. Kardia 07:18
2. Transcommunication 06:06
3. Healer Doctor 03:56
4. Apophenia 08:47
5. Muscae Volitantes 05:23
6. Pareidolia 10:30
7. Fugue State 08:27


released April 30, 2014

bios+a+ic - effects processed trumpet & vocals, samples, manipulated loops, synthesizer, producer

Solypsis - rhythmic noise, beat work, processed samples, digital texture, cover art

production and recording at symbolic insight studios, Denver, Colorado.



entropic advance Denver, Colorado

entropic advance is an experimental electronic ambient IDM industrial noise music project featuring bios+a+ic and solypsis.

entropic advance was originally founded in seattle, washington in 1998 by bios+a+ic and noise poet nobody.

entropic advance has released numerous albums on symbolic insight and continues to explore new sounds with core member bios+a+ic.
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